Loc-Nar, The Sun of All Evil
Ally Unknown
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The Sun of All Evil is the main villain from the movies, Heavy Metal.

The Loc-Nar is the framing device which holds Heavy Metal together. It has a variable size, but generally maintains a spherical shape.

It menaces the Girl in Grimaldi's house after turning the older man into biological waste. In fact, the Loc-Nar likes turning beings it dislikes into organic sludge (Harry Canyon). Or teleports them (Den). Or mutates them into a form more servile to its needs (Taarna).

The Loc-Nar is ultimately destroyed by the Girl, who turns out to be a Taarakian.

Smash Brothers Elite

He is the Final Boss in Classic Mode. He'll start fighting by mimicking the other character Movesets, One you give his health to 2/3, He'll try to crush you, but gives electric. Once he is electric, Attack him until Parts of him Breaks. Then he use a different Moveset by getting hazards in the stage. Once Do the Same Thing as Before when his health is 1/3. After that, He'll does the same thing as in the 2nd phase, expert he send out 2 Invaded Core Copying Version of a Fighter. Do the Same and Finish him Off

In story mode, The Sun of All Evil turns into his beast form

The attacks are hurt like hell, he uses a giant claw that damages you to 30%.

He does a giant dash attack that damages you to 50%.

After he does a jump, he lauches spikes all over the place damages you to 25%.

He starts to shoot a big missle that damages you to 70% then a giant mirror pops after you activated out it will bounce the missle into him & damages it, do the same & finish him off.

If you won, Lor-Nar proclaims, "How could this happen? None have beaten me, until now!", and ultimately destroyed before disappearing. The selected character then absorbs Lor-Nar power.

If Lor-Nar Won, He says "This is just the beginning!", then laughs as your character is transformed into Lost Friend.

Theme(Classic Mode):

Theme(2nd From, only in the Story Mode):


In Heavy Metal 2000, Loc-Nar took a form of a crystal.

StevenStar777 give Loc-Nar a body armor.